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Ariel - Luft/Jord

Ariel - Luft/Jord

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Ariel collection is named after the mermaid we all remember! But even though the name will make us think of the adventurous ocean, these designs actually try to combine and balance all of the four elements. Just like Ariel knew that there was something she needed to meet from the foreign world, these earrings will remind us that to develop our souls and experience who we are as whole individuals, we need the courage to balance the opposites within ourselves.


Available in two element balancing editions.

Air / Earth: Flaky white gold and light shiny and airy mint as a base. Ochre patterns and purple endings add the earth element and gives some solidity to the airy feeling of this edition. Being too airy and in your dreams and thoughts all the time won't give you the full experience of being alive. You will need the connection to earth, to your body and its sensations.

Water / Fire: Flaky warm gold, mermaid blue and light turqouise will make the base of these earrings. Deep red at the tails of the fringes will make sure to ground you to your own mortality and give a fiery action contrast to the dreamy oceanic energy of the emotional water element.

Materials: Japanese glass beads and nylon thread. Hooks are gold coated sterling silver.

Handcrafted on Bornholm by Helene Langhoff. 

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